What are your hours?
8-5:30 M-Thur 8-5 Friday
I have a burn or rip in my seat, do I have to replace the entire cover?
No, the majority of our jobs are repairing these problems. We remove the cover and replace the damaged panel(s) with original matching fabric, leather or vinyl. Most jobs are under $100 and are generally completed the same day.
Why does my headliner fall down? Can you put it back up?
The original headliner in your car had a foam backing when it was installed at the factory. Age, heat and moisture all combine to deteriorate the foam backing, causing the headliner to sag from the board. The good news is that the fabric can be replaced in most cars to factory condition again with same-day service. Sun visors can also be recovered.
The rear window in my convertible top is sunburned or clouded up and I can't see out. Do I have to replace the whole top?
No, in most cases we can order and install a new window for your convertible.
The armrest on my door panel is falling off. Is there anything you can do for me?
Yes, because we do repair work for many auto dealerships, we have experience at many of the nuisance repairs, such as seats not sliding back and forth properly, foam rebuilding, re-padding, lumbar problems, etc.
My dash is cracked, what can I do?
There are a couple of answers for the dash problem. Velour and carpet dash covers are reasonable and cut down on sun glare. Vacuum formed and painted permanent dashes are also available that replicate your cars original dash.
I have a 50's/60's/70's classic that I would like to restore, but do not necessarily need it to be back to original. What do you have to offer?
Many times we replicate the STYLE of the era, using modern fabrics. This keeps the cost lower than original upholstery prices. We can upgrade the looks of the car using newer styles as well. The newer nylon fabrics can go years without showing any wear.
What about custom work?
We do a lot of custom work, from motorcycle seats to golf carts, mild customs, embossing, embroidery on seats, headrests or panels, and custom headliners. Visit our Custom Upholstery section.
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